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About Us


A Brief History

Gatwick® Technologies Ltd has extensive knowledge and capability in the design and manufacture of standard and special purpose Welding Equipment derived from the experience of companies formed in the 1960’s, including Gatwick Fusion and Forward Precision Equipment, and products that have been developed continuously since then.

Our expertise is predominantly in Metal Joining and Forming Processes and equipment such as Resistance Welding Machines, Friction Welding Machines, Friction Stir Welding Machines and Electrical Upsetting Machines. The latest automation is available throughout our range and we use the latest technologies to ensure that our machines produce output of a consistent high quality.

Equipment with our brands can be found in over 25 countries and many of those machines have provided effective service lives of over 40 years.


Gatwick® Technologies Ltd is located on the beautiful South Coast of England in Brighton, East Sussex.

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