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Battery Tabs

Gatwick® have been manufacturing battery tab spot welders for the last 40 years. Our standard equipment can weld tabs up to 0.5mm thickness and is compatible with a range of plating materials.

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Battery Tab


Manual foot pedal operation
Supports up to 3KVA 
Ideal for fine adjustment of tabs, as light pressure can be used to bring the electrodes down onto battery tab. Further foot pressure will initiate the weld.

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FW2/T/P/BWFW2 manual opened



Pneumatic operation
Supports up to 3KVA
Pneumatic operation is ideal for high speed
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FW2/T/P/BWFW2 Pneumatic Opened


Both FW2 Battery Tab Welders feature an adjustable platform which allows welding of different height batteries.

Battery Tab Platform

Battery Tab Welding

Resistance welding in parallel passes the current between the two top electrodes, which flow through from one side of the battery terminal to the other side of the same terminal. No current flows through the battery cells.

battery tab process

Heat affected zones are created at the boundary where the tab rests on the battery due to the dimples on the tab. The heat generated due the electrical resistance creates the weld at each point. Due to having 2 heat affected zones the transformer uses a higher secondary voltage (7.8V) to achieve a strong weld.