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Gatwick<sup>® Technologies Channel on YouTube

Gatwick® Technologies launches a YouTube channel

Gatwick® Technologies Ltd has finally launched its own YouTube channel where you can see a majority of our old and latest high technology and innovative machinery including some our latest CNC Friction Welding Machines and Electrical Upsetting Machines and their unique features.  

To see our channel please click on the Gatwick YouTube icon above or search for Gatwick® Technologies Ltd on YouTube itself or click the YouTube icon above.

To see individual videos please follow the following links. More videos to arrive shortly.

Gatwick CNC Friction Welding of Rebar Anchors.

Gatwick CNC Friction Welding Machines for Oil Drill Pipe.

Gatwick CNC Friction Welding Machines for Engine Valves.
Gatwick CNC Friction Stir Welding Machines for Space Rockets.
Gatwick CNC Friction Welding Machines for Rock Drill Pipe.
Gatwick CNC Friction Welding General.
Gatwick Electrical Upsetting Machines for Upsetting Engine Valves. Robotic Cell overview.
Gatwick CNC Friction Welding Machines showing Radial Stopping for welding components in alignment.
Gatwick Electrical Upsetting machines for forming the ends of Oil Drill Pipe prior to Friction Welding.

More to arrive soon so please bookmark this page.

Gatwick® Technologies Launches New NC15FSW Standard CNC Friction Stir Welding Machine

Gatwick CNC 15FSW Friction Stir Welding Machine

Following demand from clients Gatwick® Technologies has launched the new compact CNC 15FSW Friction Stir Welder. The machine is capable of Friction Stir Welding small aluminium parts up to 2mm thick. The machine is ideal for companies wishing to Friction Stir Weld small Aluminium parts or 2mm plate or for universities and institutions as a demonstration unit.

Programming is easy through the Siemens 828D CNC control user interface. All axis have electric control with no hydraulics power packs required. Please see the Friction Stir Welding product page for more information.

The NEW Gatwick CNC 15FSW Friction Stir Welding Machine.

Price is on application so please Contact sales for further information.


Gatwick® Technologies Launches New NC2800V Vertical CNC Friction Welding Machine.

Gatwick Friction Welding Machine NC2800 Vertical

Gatwick® Technologies has launched their new standard Vertical Friction Welder the Gatwick NC2800V.

Gatwick has specially developed the new NC2800V following demand for friction welding small parts using Gatwick's latest technology. This machine embraces all the latest technologies and has all the same functions as its larger brothers the Gatwick NC4000 and NC7000. The NC2800V is compact and takes up very minimal floor space and is ideal for those wanting to friction weld small parts or for use as a demonstration machine in Universities and Institutions.

The machine has full functionality of the fully closed loop CNC control while having very low inertia. The spindle motor is integrated into the spindle lowering inertia and providing very sharp braking. There is considerable noise reduction due to the removal of drive belt, pulley and external motor.

"NEW" Gatwick NC2800V Vertical Friction Welding Machine.

Please contact Gatwick sales for further information and pricing. Contact



Gatwick® Technologies Ltd Purchases Intellectual Properties

Gatwick® Technologies Ltd has purchased the intellectual property of the following companies and now trades under the one trade name of Gatwick® Technologies Ltd. "Gatwick" is a registered trademark and global brand name owned by Gatwick® Technologies Ltd. For sales please email us here Sales@Gatwick.Tech   

Forward Precision Equipment Ltd (FPE).

Gatwick Fusion Ltd.

FPE Gatwick trade name.

Gatwick Electrode Ltd

Westminster Engineering Ltd.

All the products previously offered by these companies will be offered through Gatwick® Technologies Ltd.

Services and sales will not be affected in any way.